Thursday, May 22, 2008

The advantage of a snake in the house

Because we had a snake on the loose, I took the kids to the park. The park is a really nice place to go. It's only a couple of years old and has been maintained well.

Ben loved the swing! He really liked it when sissy gave him a push.

Griffin wanted to join in the fun.

Madisyn and Ty had a great time on the see-saw.

Of course, Ty and Griffin were drawn to the little backhoe/excavator. Ty maneuvered it with no problem.

Poor Griff was just a little short and light to be able to handle it. The weight of the handles and bucket pulled him off the seat several times. His feet were nowhere near touching the ground.

Madisyn and Ty really liked the springy ride ons.

Just in case proof was needed that the boys are indeed little monkeys.

The best part of going to the park is the BIG slide.

We could only stay about 30 minutes because it was soooo hot. Ben was bright red and his hair was dripping. Griffin was even wetter.


  1. I think that little girl in the pink shirt was looking for a friend. :) She seems kind of lonely.

  2. Her name was Madisyn too. It was quite confusing for both of them. HA!