Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spinning Sisters Creation

Robin and I decided to start a little business. We are going to call it Spinning Sisters. We plan to make all kinds of baby items and hope to participate in a couple of craft fairs this fall.

I made a few burp cloths for dad to give as a gift to a teacher who just welcomed a new granddaughter. The Grandmother is a business teacher.


  1. Okay, laugh if you will, but I'm coming to you for advise.

    What did you use for stabilizer on the cloth diapers? I just embroidered my first this past week (with the big machine) and the lettering came out jagged. I used cut away stabilizer. On my second attempt, I used tear-away stabilizer on the back and two layers of Solvy on the front. This helped some, but the letters still weren't as crisp as I'd have liked. Any thoughts?

    - Christy

  2. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congrats to you and robin! :)