Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let's play ball! 4/29

Ty had his first game Tuesday. It was also picture day. Doesn't he look handsome? Sorry girls, he's all mine for at least the next 15 or so years.

I made an uh-oh and we missed Madisyn's first game. Somehow I got it stuck in my head that Ty's game was Monday and Madisyn's was Tuesday. It wasn't until I couldn't find any of Ty's team that I realized my mistake. Madisyn missed her first game and it's all my fault. I really think I felt worse that she did. Ty was relieved. LOL He isn't very "in" to this whole t-ball thing. His relief changed quickly when he realized he had to get ready again the next day and that game wasn't cancelled.

At the game, Ty got to play hind catcher. He did fairly well considering he could care less if he's there or not. It got too dark to get any good action shots but we'll try again another game ;) .

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