Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Schedules and Chores

A couple of years ago, I found out about Managers of Their Homes. It's a book put out by the Maxwell family. They are a homeschooling, large family that has developed several resources for Christian Homeschoolers. I guess it was after I had Ben that I realized I needed a plan. The author, Terri Maxwell, said she was overwhelmed one day and knew she needed to do the next thing. The only problem was she didn't know what the next thing was, there were so many things that needed to be done.
We had outgrown our old schedule and I never took the time to update it. After attending a conference this weekend, I was reminded of all the reasons that the schedule worked so well.. Terri also says that the schedule is NOT a slave driver, it is a mom's slave and I couldn't agree more. Since it is so new, I'm really trying to keep the kids close to the times but after we get used to what comes next it will relax and become a guide for knowing what the next thing is.
The Maxwells have also written a book on chores. Griffin has been helping with chores but didn't have a chore pack. I even made Ben one with chores such as: Make Bed, Gather Laundry, Clean Bedroom Floor (toy pickup), Get Dressed, Brush Teeth. For him putting his blanket is making the bed.
I used the basic premise of their book but "Witcher-fied" it. I have mostly pre/early readers so I use pictures on all of the card. I make business card designs in publisher with clip art and print them on business card paper. Then I laminate each one and punch a hole in it. They are then threaded on a split ring and attached to an ID badge holder.
The laminated cards hold up well and the ring keeps them from ending up in the floor. Right now, we just use chorepacks for morning chores. Each child has an assigned after lunch chore but other "chores" vary from day to day.
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