Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scott's Rehearsal

As I mentioned before we travelled to Fayetteville to attend "Uncle" Scott's wedding. Scott is Uncle Kirk's best friend and when we lived behind the church and Madisyn and Ty were little, he spent a lot of time at our house. All four kids call him Uncle Scott. The whole Osgatharp family feels like a set of relatives. :)

I'm not sure what the kids were raising their hands about. I'm sure it wasn't who wants to go to bed early tonight! LOL

Kirk and some of the other groomsmen.

Mark, Scott and another one of the groomsmen.

The boys ate an undetermined number of cheesecake squares. They ate lots of snacks on the way to Fayetteville, a "junky" supper of Mac and Cheese, more snacks from the hotel and then lasgana, brisket and about 50 pounds of cheesecake at the rehearsal dinner. Self control is not one of Ty's strong points. When we got back to the hotel, Ty kept complaining of an upset stomach (I wonder why?). At midnight, he got sick and destroyed the bathroom. At 2:00 he "decorated" the room. The smell was horrible, we felt so bad for the maid that was going to clean our room. All the towels and the boys bed was not plesant.

Papaw and the youngest youngin' .

Madisyn ate a more moderate amount of junk ;) .

It's not the best picture of Nana but Kent took it and it's the best one I have. I'll have to work on that in the future. :D

The Mother and Aunt of the Groom. Mark and Janet did a great job preparing the rehearsal dinner, they made everything!

The beautiful Bride and her Daddy.

Kent and I have a picture of use kneeling for prayer during our wedding and it's one of my favorite pictures.

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  1. Your husband looks just like his mom!

    I don't envy you on the hotel scene that night. That would be tough! Life is good for experiences ~ always an opportunity to learn! :~)