Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walter Henry you are 2 YEARS old!

You weigh 23 lbs 5 oz.

You are 32 1/4"

Your head is 48 cm.

You love to dip anything!

You wear size 6 shoes.

You wear size 18 month jeans and 24 month/ 2T shirts.

You love trains.

You love trains more than tractors.

Yes, I'm sure you are really a Witcher. ;-)

You don't talk very much but prefer to be quiet.

You suck on your middle fingers on your right hand.

You hate wearing shoes and take them off as quickly as possible.

You wear a medium Thiristies diaper cover.

You smile all the time.

You think Madisyn is a pretty good Mommy substitute.

You went to the ER shortly after your 2nd birthday and received four stitches after falling off the lawn mower trailer.

You are a cuddle bug when you get just the smallest bit tired.

You may be the smallest Witcher boy but your sense of adventure is just big as Ty's.

You have grown and changed so much and we're incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!

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