Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zoo-tastic Fun

With lovely weather come the itching to get out of the house. Since Mary Claire had never been to the zoo, a trip on a cool spring day seemed like a perfect plan.

I'm afraid you'll have to be subjected to several whole group shots through out this post. I couldn't resist. Henry is old enough to actually care that he's at the zoo. We've been going since Madisyn was 2 so it's interesting to me to see how the kids and the zoo have changed over the years.

We were watching a monkey family here. The boys were trying to get the littlest one's attention. I'm not sure what they would have done if monkey baby had actually gotten close.

Another attempt at a group shot but attention was averted elsewhere. What could be so distracting that you can't take a picture?

Well, for the Witcher boys - a backhoe. I'm sure the Memphis Zoological Society would be interested in knowing that the most fascinating cat around had a bucket!

We even managed to go in the lodge and no one got wet! It's a small miracle I'm sure. ;-)

If you look closely, you can see the see lion swimming between Ty and Griffin's heads. On a warm day the Polar Bear and Sea Lion pools are a cool place to be.

Since our last visit (November 2010), the playground equipment has been upgraded. It's not as little kid friendly as I would prefer but it's very nice.

We stopped for one last picture before we left. I'm pretty sure Ty is begging for an ice cream cone or slush for the ride home. ;-)

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