Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lion's Club Auction

Papaw calling bids

Each year the local Lion's Club has an auction. Kent, his dad, brother and uncle all donate their services of bid calling. Local businesses donate the items for the auction.

Daddy ringing 

We started the night off with Papaw calling bids and Daddy, Unc, and Uncle Phillip ringing with the Lion's Club members.

Unc took bids as well

Uncle Phillip is part of the auction, too.

It's important to brush and floss

In addition to the auction. they also have a Fish Fry. We ate a late lunch so I didn't sample anything but the boys had their fill on pickles. My kiddos love pickles so much that Nana and Papaw have a pretty pickle jar setting on the counter at all times. Griffin and Ben asked if they could go back and get A pickle. I agreed. They returned with 15 pickles! They ate every one.

The boys

One of the best parts of the Lion's Club Auction is hanging out with Nana and Papaw. They know everyone, so there is always someone to talk with.

The girls plus Henry

I recently started color coding everything that more than one child owns. Even the youngest, who are no where near reading. know whose cup is whose based on what color it is. Thanks to Aunt Kristen we had snack cups in yellow, blue, green and red. I filled each person's cup (the girls already had cups but no boy colors) and when they ate their share, it was gone. I'm telling you, color coding is my sanity right now.

Unc calling bids

As the auction went on, Unc had his turn at calling bids. The only family purchase of the evening was fried pies, which Unc sold to us.

Daddy calling bids

The most expensive item of the evening was sold by Daddy. He auctioned off a diamond necklace. Needless to say, my jewelery box is not any fuller than it was before. ;-)

This video is only about 30 seconds so it should load quickly. Anytime we meet someone and they learn that Kent is an auctioneer, they ask if he can talk fast. Click if you want to hear Daddy "talking fast". ;-)

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