Saturday, February 16, 2013

Homeschool Day at the Capitol

 Last week we participated in the Education Alliance's Homeschool Day at the Capitol. We joined over 750 fellow homeschoolers at the Capitol building in Little Rock. Part of those homeschoolers we joined were our good friends, the Mashburns, and some new friends, the Tims. We had a great day.
 After registering and dropping off goodies for our State Senator and Representative, we headed for a tour. The stained glass version of the state seal was interesting to some little girls.
 Part of the tour included visiting the State House and State Senate galleries. Ty had a front row seat and participated well in the discussion by our guide.
 The Governor's reception room was beautiful. You know you have more that the average number of children when discussion at lunch turns to how much all three families would love to have the conference table for a dining table!
 We ended our time on at the Capitol complex with a visit to the beautiful golden doors. The doors are made of bronze. The have greatly appreciated in value so much the the public is not allowed to enter or exit through those doors. Griffin was a bit dramatic. It was a chilly, wet day but it wasn't near as cold as he likes to act.

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