Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bid Callers Anonymous

A few weeks ago we traveled north the the state auctioneer's convention. Daddy had a full day of classes on Friday so we headed to the WalMart visitor's center. The museum was really neat and contained strange returns, videos, a replica of Sam Walton's office and lots of memorabilia on the history of WalMart.  They also had Sam Walton's truck on display.

The kids all had great fun creating bar codes with their names. Of course, they couldn't leave Mommy and Daddy out and made one for us.

The main reason we attended the convention was to watch Daddy compete in the bid calling competition. The highlight for me, was that Daddy had to wear a suit. That doesn't happen often around here. In fact, we determined that it had been at least 12 years since he wore anything close to a suit (a tux for a wedding).

We had to arrive extra early so we got to practice being patient. I withheld the snacks, paper and pens until the competition started. We've attended two competitions (we missed one) where Unc competed and I knew we'd be in for a long night. The kids handled sitting, being quiet and a late supper really well.

Last year, Unc won the competition so he was the emcee this year.  Even though Daddy didn't win, it was neat to see them on stage together. He did, however, have the largest fan club!

Since we returned from the convention, I have three boys who are more determined than ever to become auctioneers. If it ever gets too quiet at your house, I'll lend you a boy who is desperately working on his tongue twisters and counting. Three at one time is a proving to be a bit much. :)

Being surrounded by four bid callers might just land me in a support group! Have you seen this commercial? This pretty much sums up what my afternoons have been like.

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