Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Felicity Anne You Are ONE Month Old!

 Every time we have a baby I always ask, "Why can't time more as quickly when you're pregnant as it does once the baby arrives?" and the last month has flown by at lightening speed!

You are changing so much everyday.

You wear 0-3 month clothes.

You weigh 12 lbs 2.6 oz.

You are 23 inches long.

Your head is 39.5 cm. You are growing way too fast for Mommy!

You really seem to like the swing and will often fall asleep in it. We put you in it in the afternoons.

Your hair seems to have a mind of it's own. The top is frequently standing straight up and the back sticks out from your head.

You nurse every 2-3 hours.

We're still working on your night sleep, it's not that great right now.

You survived your first ice storm. The electricity going out for 14 hours didn't bother you one bit!

The last week or two you have been spitting up more. I'm hopeful it's a passing phase.

During your awake periods you are very alert. You look around and have a very serious look. You stare very intently.

You are a very welcome addition to our family. Your brothers and sisters {especially Madisyn and Griffin} always want to hold you. Mary Claire is very protective and reminds everyone that "that's ours baby". No one will be walking off with you on her watch! Liberty isn't quite sure what to do with you, she very carefully pats your head or back but she hasn't figured out what your "purpose" is yet.

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