Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sew fun!

Today Aunt Robin and Raegen came over for some sewing fun. Aunt Robin is making some burp clothes for a new niece due any day.

Madisyn took to opportunity to get out her sewing and make a duck. This was her first experience with a "real" needle. We are working through the My First Sewing Book - Hand Sewing by Winky Cherry. It's an adorable book with rhymes to teach techniques.

Of course, the boys couldn't be left out of the action. I think the little cousins are plotting to take over the world.

Griffin wanted his picture made just so he could see it on the back of the camera. Such a little ham.

Could it be . . . FIVE kids all looking at the camera!

Just hanging out.

Why are there so many people here!?!?!?! My house is so much quieter.

Maybe it's not so bad. :D

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