Monday, March 24, 2008

Wye Mountain

For about four years we have been traveling to Wye (it is important to realize the name on the map is Wye NOT Wye Mountain - this causes some difficulty in locating and can upset some people if you don't know the proper name of where you are going - I digress) and visiting the Daffodil fields. This year we tried something different and hired a photographer to meet us and take some family shots. Uncle Billy, Aunt Robin, Raegen, Mammy and Granddaddy all came as well. When the photographer lets us know the proofs are available I'll post those as well. We took about three cameras so all the pictures are here yet. I'll have to get the others off the other computer and post more later.

My favorite picture from the whole day. Poor Griffin really didn't feel well and missed his nap.

Ty wasted no time hopping up in that tree.

Griffin couldn't be outdone by big brother. Although, I believe this was taken as Uncle Billy climbed in the tree and Griffin wasn't sure that was such a great idea. (See Robin's blog for more of those ;) )

Just to prove that Ben does occasionally get upset. This lovely face was caused because Mommy wouldn't let him eat a pine cone.

I took Ben over to the side and took his socks and shoes off to capture of couple of pictures of just him. Ben does favor Ty but he looks a lot like Griffin as well. I'll have to figure out how to do a side by side of Ben and Griffin from two years ago.

Because Griffin didn't feel well it was hard to get good pictures of him. Who knew taking his socks and boots off would make such a difference?!?!

The only one of Madisyn I have on this computer. I'll post more later.

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