Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who we are

Kent - AKA daddy. Kent is an auctioneer and helps run the family business Witcher Auctions. He also buys and sells equipment as part of / compliment to the auction business.

Stacy - AKA mommy. I am a stay at home mom. I have to admit that as a teen I never pictured myself staying at home but I wouldn't trade it for anything (on most days ;) ). I homeschool our two oldest children. I also like to cook from scratch, sew and do some other crafty things.

Madisyn - the lone girl. Believe me, it is to her advantage. Madisyn is almost 7 and is in the first grade. She loves horses and her little brothers. She's already practicing to be a mom. :D

Ty - What can I say about Ty, he is a tractor and equipment nut! He can tell you more than any 5 year old should know about equipment. He is in pre-K. When he isn't doing school he's busy setting up play auctions.

Griffin - Griffin is the kid that people look at and say I know he's trouble. LOL He's always smiling and runs at full force all the time.

Baby Ben - Ben is the sweetest little guy. I forgive him for not sleeping through the night, as that is his only fault. He is the most content child I have ever seen. He can handle the noise of 3 older siblings and still not be bothered by the occassional silence.

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