Friday, November 13, 2009

Feeling Crafty

The machine has been a humming and the designs are looking great!

I love this little turkey shirt. It had TWELVE pieces of material. This is one of two I'm making for some brothers (their sister is also getting this the turkey dress). Won't they be the coolest kids around?!?

I still have a little time to get your child(ren) outfitted. Contact me if you're interested in dressing up your own turkey.

I've realized resistance is futile. Christmas is coming (last I heard it's about SEVEN - yes 7 - weeks away!). So I set to work on a fesitive dress for my little gingersnap.

I can do this on solid material and I think it will show up better. Madisyn chose this fabric and I do actually try to let her help pick her own clothing. :)

My mom recently had a birthday - I think she's 30, not really sure how that's possible since I just turned 30, but that's how old she looks so we're going with it. :)

Monogrammed towels are always a nice touch, don't ya think?

And of course, little Izzy couldn't be left out. Try hard as I might, the machine seems to just make things for her.

Be sure to check out my on-line album for other designs and prices.

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