Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 2 week Birthday, Izzy

Yes, I'm a terrible aunt. Izzy is two weeks old and I'm just now blogging about her! We did have a very busy week last week and it's just been a little crazy lately. She is/was such a tiny little girl. She weighed in at 7 lb 4 oz and 2o inches long. Her head was only 12 3/4 inches! Where did she get that tiny head? This offically means I really can blame Kent for these big headed Witcher babies! LOL

My first time to hold a niece. I almost wasn't sure she belonged with that pink hat. ;)

Does Kristen look great! She was in labor for over 24 hours and did wonderful!

Look at all that hair. Good thing Aunt Stacy knows how to make bows. ;)

She is absolutely adorable.

It's a little strange to see my little brother with his own child and a girl at that! He has jumped into the role of overprotective Daddy very well. I think he was growling any time someone got within 5 feet of them. Kristen said she had to fight to get to hold her. :)

Robin made this adorable wreath. You know you NEED one for the next baby making an appearance near you. You are in luck, she sells them here.

Granddaddy and about 5 little helpers (2 were in the car) assisted with putting the stork up. Didn't they do a great job!?! (If you're interested in the stork - he can be rented. Just contact me for more info. :) )

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