Friday, February 26, 2010

Arkansas Auctioneer's Association Convention

Last weekend was the Arkansas Auctioneer's Association Convention {if you can say that really fast, 3 - 6 times in a row - they might let you join ;) } . Daddy and Uncle Kirk learned that they could take care of all of their continuing education and have a good time with other auctioneers. They spent the entire day but that evening the kids and I joined them.

We all came to participate in a charity auction that was raising money for a camp for children with disabilities. The auction was part of a ring man and bid calling competition. We were in a room that was much smaller than I expected for much longer than I expected! Ha! Guess I know what to expect next year. ;)

Uncle Kirk and Daddy wanted to compete in the competition but decided they should take turns and not compete against each other. Uncle Kirk went first.

Mr and Miss Mark came {Ben calls Miss. Janet, Miss Mark - soo funny!} and they purchased a ceramic birdhouse. Ben was intrigued. First he looked inside to made sure there weren't any birds. Then he stuck his nose in the hole and sniffed. He told us it was shew! But he kept going back and sniffing. I wish I would have thought to video part of his antics. I told Janet that if we ended up at the ER with a child that was high., she would have to back up our story of how it happened!

It was finally Uncle Kirk's turn to compete in the first round of the Pro division. He did a great job and told a few jokes to keep the mood upbeat.

The room we were in was fully equipped for sound and in addition to the bid calling that was going on, we also had a few intermission songs. This is proof that Henry really can sleep through anything. He took about an hour and a half nap. If he hadn't gotten so hot against me, he might have slept longer. Can you tell he's the youngest of five! Noise doesn't bother him.

Nana and Papaw were on the row behind us and we had a few extra chairs so the kids could move back and forth. If we had been forced to sit in perfect rows, I don't think we would have made it!

I think the suspense of waiting to see if Uncle Kirk made it to the final round was really getting Madisyn.

Nana with her lap full of monkeys. We heard lots of giggling and turned around to see that Nana had been attacked. :)

Uncle Kirk made it to the final round and got the chance to call some more bids.

After the bid calling was over, Henry woke up. Maybe the chattering of 75 people was just a little too quiet for him.

We just thought the waiting for the final round announcement was tough. It seemed to take forever to get to the awards ceremony. We were disappointed that the judges didn't agree with us that Uncle Kirk deserved a trophy but we had a great time anyway.

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