Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

We had big plans to visit the zoo but the rain ruined our plans. We scrambled around and decided to visit the Children's Museum of Memphis. We learned two important lessons. #1 - Don't go to the children's museum on a school holiday, unless you want to visit it with half the city of Memphis. #2 - Don't go to the children's museum when it's raining, unless you want to visit with half the city of Memphis.

We started off stacking checkers. The kids got smarter each time they tried. They began stacking them in the middle of the board, them moved to the wall.

Liberty spent most of her day hanging out in lower part of the stroller. She has hit a stage where she won't leave anything in her hair. She pulls the clip out along with a handful of hair. I'm also not sure what is  going on with that tongue lately!

I think this was Madisyn's favorite part of the Museum. She got to hold baby Arynn. Arynn is now a whole month old!

 They finally figured out the best way to stack the checkers. They got the taller people involved and moved to the corner.

The under 5 set had a great time playing in the toddler area. Ava, Addy and Mary Claire ran all over that castle.

Slides are fun, whether indoor or out!

 Henry finally realized to where the kiddos his size disappeared.  Maybe we need to get the dads together to build a castle.

Between our three families we had 17 children. This was the closest I got to a group shot. I thought getting 7 together was hard. We need to borrow the photographer the Duggars use. ;-)

The fire truck always proves to be great fun! They had another truck behind a curtain that we can't wait to go back to visit.

However, the miniature Kroger store get the exhibit of the museum award! The kids so enjoy shopping and getting to check out  their groceries.

What kid doesn't love water?!? Every time we visit, I say we're going to bring a towel and do the Mississippi last. And every time I forget! Somehow they didn't get too wet this time.

We love what they have done with the FedEx plane. I'm not sure if Henry is a mechanic or Bob the Builder but he loved dressing up either way.

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