Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Visiting Nursing Homes

I mentioned a few posts ago, that the kids were making cards to take to the nursing home. Last week we made our visit.

We have a great 4-H club and it's all thanks to our fantastic leader. Mrs. Jennifer has such a heart to serve. Our club visits area nursing homes regularly. This year is really the first year that our family has been able to participate. My olders to littles ratio had to even out a bit. ;-)

We started the week by visiting a very large nursing home. We went during the school day so attendance was low but we had a great time. The patients love to have visits from children. They seem to really enjoy seeing the smaller kids. Thankfully, Henry, Liberty and Mary Claire love to share smiles.

Half-way through the visit we always stop for a break. The break is one of my favorite parts because residents will see us and stop to visit. The patients out walking around are generally in better health and are up for telling stories. Most of the residents aren't the least bit phased by the size of our family {which is something else I love}.

The next day we met when the local schools had dismissed a visited two more nursing homes in town.

Since the 2nd day of nursing home visits are closer to most of the club members homes, we had a much larger group.

One of the homes had beautiful landscaping with lots of greenery.  The sun was shining in the kids' eyes so I did get the best picture. I decided to share it anyway. That's what we really look like, everyone not smiling, a few looking the wrong direction. Life is not perfect and sometimes those imperfect pictures are the best.

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