Saturday, January 23, 2010

Final Christmas post

Yes, I realize Christmas was a month ago.
Yes, I realize it's now 20 - 10.

Or is it Two Thousand and Tin? That's the proper way to say 10 - just ask my budding reader ;).

But, I want to share so feel free to mark me read on your blog reader and find someone who is posting from the proper decade. ;)

Kent's family came to our house for a Christmas dinner this year and Madisyn decided that our decorations weren't quite up to par. It says "Have a Joly Joly Time!!! thanks for being family" I thought it was pretty sweet.

Henry is always ready for a good time.

And they're off. I can't imagine what it will be like when some cousins join the fun. Our kids always have such a great time when Nana, Papaw, Uncle Phillip, Aunt Vicki, Brooke, Joey and Calen come over.

This is a favorite gift. Madisyn is always trying to read in the car but her overhead light causes me problems with driving. So we bought her a book light and solved the problem. Only Ben thinks it's a flash light and that it's his, so now we have another problem. ha!

Henry and Daddy

Uncle Phillip reads the best stories. You can never go wrong with anything that has a green tractor on the front.
I think this is the only proof that Ben sat still for .003 seconds.

We gave Mamaw and Grandpa a copy of one of the pictures we took at Thanksgiving. It has the two of them along with our 5 children. I don't know how many times Mamaw picked it back up and looked over it. She absolutely loves it. I really like to give photo gifts to the grandparents/great-grandparents. They all have more expendable income than we do and they already have most anything they need/want. I think that picture was Mamaw's most prized gift.

My poor daughter. She didn't get a Western mommy. Good thing that cousin Brooke is there so show her what all the cowgirls are wearing this season. Aunt Vicki and Brooke got Madisyn a horse necklace and barrel racing earrings and I think they have been worn every day. Madisyn even takes the earrings out at night and puts them back in.

Everybody loves to cuddle with Henry bug.

I'm not really sure who is laughing more here, Griffin or Uncle Phillip. When Uncle Phillip comes over, everyone sleeps very soundly that night (and I think Uncle Phillip does too ;) ).

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