Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Name that Equipment!

I know my children have a different outlook on most things than "normal" children do. They can talk shop with the best farm equipment mechanics around. Ty is especially gifted in this area. If you want to know exactly what a piece of equipment is, ask him. Kent will go to sales and buy several tractors or construction machines and Ty remembers everyone of them. Most equipment is named with numbers in a series. I can't keep the numbers straight. Ty can. If only he applied that aptitude to school work. Hmmmmmmm . . . Do they make a farm machinery curriculum?

We were heading to an auction and saw this strange attachment of some sort. When we didn't recognize it from the back, we passed it. LOL Ty looked it over really well and we still didn't know. So we decided to consult with the expert but he wasn't around. So I sped up and pulled off the Interstate at our exit and got the best pictures I could. My camera was in the wrong mode and I had limited time as they were travelling at 70 mph.

Ty practically ran Kent down to see if he knew what it was. Unfortunately, he didn't. I didn't get good enough shots for Kent to recognize it.

The first two pictures are the same piece and the last two are the same, just taken from different angles.
Anyone know what it is/was?
If you can correctly ID the equipment - I'll give a prize.

Let's say you get to come spend time with the kids while I go grocery shopping alone. :) Not everyone gets to experience life with 5 children, it's a rare treat. :D
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