Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A bit of Florida comes to the Mid-South

I feel like I have known Dana for years, she's just one of those super sweet, thoughtful Christian ladies that everyone wants to have as a friend. The entire family recently took a vacation and were coming trough our area.

I was so excited to meet her. I think we both were a little bummed that McDonald's was going to be the best meeting place but we were willing to make it work. Then the Lord worked out something so much better.

Heavy rain hit Arkansas and they were traveling home. The rainy weather was set to follow them all the way back to sunny Florida. Unfortunately, the driver's side windshield wiper quit! How can something like that just up and quit when you need it most!

I knew they Lewis family had a larger than average vehicle {with 9 children, it's a necessity}. It seems little things always go wrong when you don't have the right tools or somewhere out of the weather to fix them.

So I offered Kent's shop. I'm nice like that, I'm always willing to impose on someone else. :) Luckily, Kent didn't mind and thought he might know what was wrong. If he and Tony couldn't figure it out, he was hoping they could come up with a solution that would work until they got home.

See, my sweet angelic sons decided to play with the rear windshield wiper on my van. When I turned on the wiper would barely go up and then fall and point straight down at the bumper.
When it fell off completely Kent realized how to fix it.

Though the Lewis family boys had nothing to do with their van troubles, the problem was the same. After a few twists of the wrench, everything was as good as new.

And the plus side - we got to spend almost 2 hours visiting with this wonderful family. Their children range in age from 17 to 18 months. They have two girls and 7 boys {which really excited my boys - another mostly boy family!} . Even after being cooped in a vehicle, riding in the rain with almost zero visibility - they were so pleasant.

They were extremely well behaved and tolerated Ty and Griffin's tour of the equipment lot. I'm sure they endure a few "know it all" speeches about the various pieces of equipment and maintained a smile on their faces the entire time.

I enjoyed my visit with Dana so much! I only wish the shop was set up a little better for entertaining. I have a feeling that if I started arranging couches and club chairs, Kent and Kirk just might throw me out.

I think Kent enjoyed getting to talk to another "dad of many". I'm hopeful the next time they come through we can hang out without any van repairs necessary. :)

Of course, we couldn't let them head home without outfitting them in Witcher Auctions hats. Isn't Isaac adorable? I think we could put him to work with Madisyn and Ty and our carry-out labor shortages at auctions would be over. :)
It was truly a blessing to finally get to *meet* the entire Lewis family!
Dana also runs a couple of businesses so check her out!
She makes adorable cloth diapers at Wonder Unders and the whole family helps out with Lewis Family Mercantile where they carry everything from clothing to photographic prints to knitted snakes!

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