Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walter Henry turns 1!!!

Walter Henry you are ONE year old!!!

Your last picture as a "baby".

You haven't grown much in the last month so all of your sizing is the same. Way to be consistent! LOL :)
However, You have mastered crawling. You follow Mommy (and Sissy) all over the house.

You finally figured out a sippy cup WITH a valve - this is major! No more soaked clothes.

You have yet to meet a food you didn't like!

You still love to suck on the middle fingers of your right hand.

You visited your birthplace on your birthday {HA!},

and you had a birthday lunch at the first restaurant you ever visited (Don Jose).

You received 3 birthday cards in the mail and 3 homemade cards from Madisyn, Ty and Griffin, as of today.

You get to have a party with Griffin on Monday and brownies tonight!

Oh, what a difference a year makes!


  1. What a little doll! I can't believe he is one already! They sure grow up fast! God bless you Walter Henry and your whole family! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too! :~)

    with love,
    The Wallaces

  2. He is so cute!!! Can't believe how much he has changed!!