Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Going Down Town

After we left the state house, we did some walking downtown.

It really was quite neat to walk up and down city streets. The kids spotted policemen in cars, on motorcycles and on horseback. We looked for some on bicycles but didn't see any.
Once the crowd cleared out, we headed back to the the Riverfront park. It's really a neat playground. The slides and tunnels are multi-level. It's a little hard to keep up with kiddos though. I DON'T recommend going alone! I'm one of those overprotective types who likes to be able to see my children when strangers are walking around.

Daddy even got in on the "fun" of climbing up and down the tunnels.

Ben worked extra hard at his play. He always took the hard way back up the slide, took the longest tunnel around and of course needed help getting up the rope ladders.

We had to take a little break for baby feeding and I got this picture of Madisyn. I love it. She does look more grown up that I think she should but it's a good picture nonetheless.

To conclude our trip we walked out the on the pedestrian bridge. It's an old railroad bridge that has been redone. You can actually walk across the Arkansas River. Madisyn was not sure that she wanted anything to do with it but she wasn't about to stay behind either!

Ben wasn't really sure about the bridge and don't you just love the look on Madisyn's face!

The view from the bridge is spectacular!

Now for those crazy Mashburn kids ;) - They had no problems with the bridge. Their parents must be a little more adventurous!

By the time we left, the boys were willing to venture to the sides and look around. You can see where Madisyn (and Kent!) stayed the whole time. :)

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