Monday, May 3, 2010

The Old State House

After our visit to the Steam Engine, we headed downtown to check out the Old State House.

They have a wonderful kids "discovery" room. The theme of the room is political train stops. They had a HUGE train set, dress up clothes from the 20s and 30s and the rear of a caboose for waving to your hopeful supporters.

The boys enjoyed the engineer outfit.

Griffin was quite a bit shorter than the other kids and he could barely look over the railing.

Madisyn thoroughly enjoyed dressing up!

We went through the exhibits. Griffin started to write a letter at the 1920s exhibit.

Ava enjoyed her Momma's sunglasses. You have to do something to stay entertained when you can't read!

The boys were all fascinated with the police exhibits.

I think they were on the wrong side of the bars! LOL

Ben and Austen found a great window with a view {of the construction crew below!}.

Here's a shot of turkey #4.

She looks like a hardened criminal, doesn't she?

I think Austen was having too much fun behind bars.

The State House has beautiful grounds. We really enjoyed the fountain.

The kids also enjoyed checking out the cannon.

Say Cheese!

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