Friday, August 28, 2009

Fly on the Wall

Griffin is 4 years old and lately I have been amazed at the things that come out of his mouth.

Earlier this week Ty couldn't find his toothbrush. After searching long and hard (I believe the official time was 43 seconds but to a 6 yo boy that's like 3 weeks ;). ), it was determined that the toothbrush jumped out of the drawer and ran away in the night. Griffin being the kind soul he is offered to let Ty use his brush when he was done. After several statements of "Hurry up, Griffin" control of the toothbrush was given to Ty. As Tyler reached for the drawer to get more toothpaste, Griffin said "You don't need that, it already has toothpaste on it.". LOL While he was willing to use Griffin's toothbrush, Ty was unwilling to use his leftover toothpaste. Griffin shrugged his shoulders and walked away with the smirk that I believe will make him famous one day.


This morning Ben was having a rough day and was pitching a little fit. Fits are not tolerated around here so he was disciplined. For some reason this made him mad at Madisyn and he began shouting at her to do something for him (I forget what exactly). I very sternly told him "You are not a little prince". Griffin piped up very quickly with "Ya but me are".

That boy is something else!

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  1. OH, how funny! I'll have to remember who to come see if I ever run out of toothpaste! ha.