Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let's go to the beach!

On a not too hot day in June, we headed to Heber for some fun in the sun.

This was our first swimming trip of the year (and so far the only :( ).

Mom and Dad joined us along with Raegen and Aunt Robin. Dad fixed us up with a beach tarp and umbrellas.

Henry and Granddaddy chillin in the shade.

Ben wasn't so sure about the water, it was a cloudy day and the water was cold.
So Ben decided to just hang out on the beach.
Henry lounging.
Unfortunately, it started to storm so I got a quick picture of Henry in the water.
We all went back to the tarp for a snack to see if it passed. It didn't so we loaded up and went to change clothes.

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  1. Fun!!! I definitely need to get a copy of all the kids sitting on the beach...don't think I have one...