Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Church

(Take # 980847092375 - this was the last picture and the best. Don't you love the look on Griffin's face! LOL)

A dear sweet lady from our church recently moved to be closer to her children. We all miss her greatly, and knew that she missed us as well. I wanted to give her something to remember us by so I gathered up families for several weeks and took their pictures. I also grabbed a few candid shots. I then put these all in a scrapbook and gave it to her at Uncle Scott's Wedding (more on that later). Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of the scrapbook but here is a couple of the shots that were included.

(A few of the kids after church. Swinging around that pole has been done since the church was built.)

(The men in the foyer catching up. I didn't get a good shot of the ladies.)

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  1. Sweet friends at New Hope did that for us and it is so precious to me. They gave us a scrapbook filled with memories and another with everyone's picture and contact info.

    What a thoughtful thing for you to do!