Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Bushel, A Peck

and a hug around the neck!

Last month, Grandmaw let us know that Uncle Keith had an apple tree with apples free for the picking. The kids and I made a trip to his property and got what we could reach. Kent came back with us to get the rest.

He had a very busy few weeks and we had to go after work. The bed of the truck served as a make shift ladder and we relieved the tree of it's fruit.

Mary Claire was a bit short to reach the apples but she gave Minnie Mouse a grand tour.

Henry picked up apples that didn't make it into the crate and placed them in it. He also found time to pose for a few pictures.

When the kids and I picked apples the first time we gathered about half a crate. Kent helped us gather twice as many apples in half the time.

Over the next week Madisyn and I washed, peeled, cored and sliced all the apples.

Then we laid them out on the dehydrator and made one of our family's favorite snacks. I wish I could say the 8 gallon bags would last a long time but we'll be luck to have any left come spring.

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  1. What a wise use of those apples!! I'm sure your Grandmaw is proud that someone could use them!!