Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Play Day in the Bootheel


Despite being 36 weeks pregnant at the time, Candyce invited us up for a play day and quilting day {more on the quilting coming soon}. We enjoyed the grand tour of their lovely new home and the kids had a wonderful time playing. She even prepared us an awesome lunch complete with two desserts!

The boys checked out all the "boy" toys and played everything from Duck Dynasty to cops and robbers to auction.

Ty happened to be wearing a camo shirt and all the kids though he made a great Uncle Si. As fast as Ty is growing it won't be long before he has a real beard!

The little girls enjoyed playing with dolls. I'm not sure why baby dolls have such a hard time keeping their clothes on but it seemed that Candyce and I were constantly helping the poor, naked dollies.

Liberty thought the baby doll pack and play looked like a fun place to hang out. I'm not sure how many times she dumped the whole thing over, cried and crawled in again. The Tims Family has become some of our greatest friends and we were so glad to spend the day with them!

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