Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

* I meant to post this Wednesday so you can pretend that I'm not always running way behind. ;-)

Our 4-H club frequently visits area nursing homes. This is one of our favorite activities in which to  participate. We were also really glad to get to include Christopher in our fun.

The nursing homes have small aviaries and the kids love to watch the birds. They wanted their picture made with the pretty birds.

The kids make homemade cards to hand out to the residents and staff. The kiddos also enjoy the card making party we have. Madisyn and I do most of the writing and the younger kids really get into decorating them.

This little turkey loves to talk to anyone. She and Henry will even enter rooms by themselves to holler "Happy Tanksgivin".

We have a great group of 4-Hers. I love how involved they are in the community.


The second nursing home we visited is more of an assisted living facility. One of the ladies started reading the card she was given and my little ones and Christopher flocked to her like she was about to read the best storybook ever.

Later the same evening we were able to attend a grant ceremony where our club was awarded $1250 to use in our community service projects!

The next day we visited another nursing home and were able to take Christopher with us. The kids are loving that they have a cousin that lives close.


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