Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Weenie Roast {Part 2}

I love this picture that Madisyn caught of Lynden and Ellison. They look like they are sharing a secret.

Mom and Robin did a great job organizing everything.

Justin decided that hot dogs weren't cutting it and confiscated Dad's brats. I think they learned that brats don't cook very well over a campfire. Some slightly raw sausage may have been consumed.

The boys had a great time cooking marshmallows. However, I'm pretty sure that more hit the ground or flames than were actually eaten.

This is an example of Mary Claire and Izzy's "direction" of Liberty and Isaac. I heard lots of "sit here", "No, sit down", "You want to stay right there". LOL What would younger kiddos do without older siblings to direct their ways?!?

I added this picture in to show the other side of Mary Claire. That girl has a sassy side. I get this look at least thrice daily. LOL

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