Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Izzy!

 We can't believe it's been four years since we got our first girl cousin!

Four years later, you are a beautiful outgoing little girl.

Izzy's party was last weekend and we were lucky enough to attend. Henry and Mary Claire had a great time in the bounce house and slide.

Each one of them would get to the top, slide down and then yell, "See how fast I went!" They had a fantastic time!

Kristen always plans the best parties and has a large turnout. She and Justin are blessed with lots of wonderful friends.

Big sister Madisyn came to the party because she wanted to see Izzy on her big day. Madisyn was such a great sport and played with Henry and Mary Claire. They are very blessed to have a great big sister!

A highlight of the party for Mary Claire was the Cinderella cut-out.

 Cinderella Mary Claire

 Cinderella Izzy

The Lord has sure blessed my brother with a lovely family. Isaac favors his Daddy and Granddaddy very much.
Before we left the kids were able to decorate Cinderella carriages (pumpkins). Henry took the job of covering his carriage with boy stickers very seriously.
Happy Birthday, Izzy and thanks for inviting us to your awesome party!

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