Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quilting Bee

My friend, Candyce has made several quilts and offered to teach me how to make one. I purchased a jelly roll from etsy and set to work.

At home I sewed the jelly roll strips into groups of four. Because I was making a baby quilt I only needed 20 strips sewn into 5 groups.

Then I headed to Candyce's house. The kids had a play day and Candyce was my teacher. She help me cut the groups into block and then sew them on top of one another.

She kept showing me how to cut, press, sew, cut, press repeatedly until we had 12 blocks. This was my first attempt at pieced quilting and Candyce proved to be a great teacher!

After I left Candyce I came home and added a border to the top she helped me assemble. I looked online for directions for mitering corners and completed in the border in a short amount of time.

My next step was to put a call out on Facebook for a quilter to finish the top. I found a great lady that lives less than 10 miles from our house. If you have any idea where we live, it's amazing that someone who could provide the exact service I needed lived that close.

I selected a heart pattern and in just a few days received a call that the quilt was ready to be picked up.
I love the way all the materials came together and I can't wait to see a little girl wrapped in it.  I can't wait to make another!

We found the tutorial here

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