Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recipe for disaster

Ben is our early riser. You can count on him to need potty help first thing in the morning. He is more than capable of going alone but something about that early morning trip requires
assistance. LOL Every morning Daddy helps him get dressed. Ben is typically the only child awake when Kent leaves each morning. On this particular morning the pain of Daddy not taking Ben was eased with his very own Daddy hat.

As I was finishing my morning routine I could hear him in the cabinet. Ben is also our forager! That boy gets in the pantry, the refrigerator, the freezer, the cabinets, etc. All. the. time! I promise I feed him (most of the time he out eats Griffin)!
This particular morning I decided the rummaging had to stop so I did what any good mother would do - I shot him! My weapon of choice was my Canon Rebel. Ben was awful proud of his "Daddy hat" and wanted to make sure I could see it.

This boy can be oh so frustrating (what 2 year old isn't!) but one look at this face and somehow all the mischievousness is forgotten - Almost!

(As a side note. We think we're finally getting somewhere with treating his face. Ben has always had dry skin but the last year or so it has gotten worse. We still don't know what, if anything, is causing it but our current treatment seems to help. That said, I'm open to suggestions. It just doesn't seem "right" that a 2 year old has scaly patches over his entire body, peeling skin on his forehead and raised bumps and rash on his face. We've been using coconut oil as a moisturizer and are now slathering him in Lanolin. Aquaphor worked for a month or so but then it seemed to get worse. We haven't used the Lanolin enough to determine long term results.)


  1. He is such a cutie! As for the skin problems, have you looked into things dietary related?

  2. The ped. insists it isn't food related. I'm not convinced. We have cut him off tomatoes (no ketchsup, bbq sauce, veg soup, etc) and it does seem to help. After a few days of the lanolin he almost looks like a normal kid.