Friday, March 26, 2010

Walter Henry - 10 months

Walter Henry you are TEN Months OLD!!!!

You weigh 17 lbs 6 oz.

You wear a few 6-9 month clothes but most of what you wear these days is 6-12 months.

You wear a size small diaper cover with infant (green edge) prefolds.

You are beginning to wonder why Mommy poses you next to the cowboy every month. :)

You have 6 teeth.

You eat lots of table food but you still haven't figured out a sippy cup.

You have become quite the Momma's boy and reach for me if someone else is holding you.

It amazes me the way you react to Griffin and Ben. Most of time just seeing Griffin causes you to laugh and Ben invokes fear. LOL Madisyn and Ty are good at calming you.

You nurse 4 or 5 times a day.
You take two naps a day and sleep about 11 hours at night.
You say Da-Da and "talk" all the time.
Your "crawling" has advanced to getting your stomach completely off the floor and rocking before you revert back to rolling and scooting backwards to get where you want.

You got your first hair cut last month.
You attended your first out of state auction.
Your arms are almost always moving, especially when nursing.
You have started to pull up but don't seem to know what to do and get stuck half way.
You still suck your middle fingers on your right hand. Madisyn calls them your "sleepy fingers".

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  1. Hey!! I just found your blog through Arkansas Women Bloggers!! Love your background!! I live about an hour from the Wynne area.