Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Tips 3/25

Coffee with Me Thursday Tips

Today's tip doesn't have to be for large families. :) My dryer has been giving me a hard time for about a year now so I've gotten up close and personal with the clothes line.

We installed a couple of retractable lines outside so we can pull them out and I can hang our clothes over concrete. So that's tip #1 - check out retractable lines so you don't have to wade in the soppy yard to hang out clothes. OK, maybe it's just my yard that's always wet. Hanging over the concrete keeps me from tracking mud back in or clothes getting dirty when I drop one.

Sometimes our dryer refuses to come on and I have to get something dry {like sheets from one of the bedwetters} - I have an indoor line. Another retractable line is installed in the closet, runs to the far side of the room and back in the other side of the closet.

And the last tip, hang your hang clothes on hangers and clip the hanger to the line. When everything is dry, it's a cinch to put the clothes away and when they are on hangers, they take up less room on the line.

Melissa has already posted a tip that stepped on my toes. Go check out Coffee with Me for more great tips!

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  1. Great idea about the hangers!!! I need a retractable line inside my house. I air-dry my shirts and usually just drape them on the backs of chairs. We do have a clothesline outside but so much sand flies around here and I just do not want that on my clothes.

    Thanks for doing a Thursday Tip! Hope you'll join in again. :)